What Is the Point in Confessing the Same Sins?

A question for the spiritual father of St Elisabeth Convent

Q: Father Andrew, your blessing. My problem is that I am ashamed to go to church. I used to go to church often but my sins are the same all the time: I'm short-tempered and I dislike people. What's the point of going to the same place and enumerating the same sins? I have been unable to bring myself to confess for two months. Confession is when a person has repented and changed, and I am like a broken toy. I totally understand everything, and it makes it even worse. That's because you have to act rather than talk. I don't know what to do next.


A: Olga, if you have fallen, get up and move on. Never mind if you confess a hundred times or a thousand times, just come to church. Where else can you go? Do you want to lie down and die? That's precisely what the demon is waiting for.

"I'm not getting it right, while there are people who don't go to church and live better lives than I do." This line of thinking and talking is very wrong. Yes, we are the worst sinners but God came to save us and nobody else is going to help us but Him. Even if you repeat the same sins and you suffer from them, if you speak about them during a confession and ask for God's help, your sins will be defeated sooner or later. Instead, one can say, "Where do I go? There is no place for a person like me in the church," because of their pride and lack of understanding. This is a sure path to a failure. The devil will then rub his hands, sit on your neck, and direct your life. So be optimistic and no matter how many times you fall down, always get up, hoping that the Lord will have mercy, forgive you and let you continue to follow Him.

August 12, 2019





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