Should I Become a Therapist?

Questions to the Spiritual Father of St Elisabeth Convent

Q: Good afternoon, Father Andrew. I would like to know if the Orthodox Church approves of Gestalt therapy because I plan to specialise in this method. I’ve read many articles, and now I’m of two minds about it. Thank you for your answer.


A: It depends on how you will treat people. If you resolve to help them; if you ask God to help the people who come to you and if you introduce them to the church and invite them to let God into their lives, then it will be great. If you venture to rely on yourself, on your own power, then you may harm a person’s soul and infect him with your own “quirks”.

What is important is your perception of your occupation as a kind of ministry for God’s sake and for your neighbours’ sake; as an opportunity to make people more peaceful, to help them to discover new resources that will enhance their lives, and generally to show them the way to the Church and give them hope for the eternal life.

September 5, 2018


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