3 Questions and 3 Answers with an Orthodox Priest

Приступать ли к таинствам, если на душе сухо как в пустыне?

Should I partake of the Sacraments if my soul is as dry as a desert?

You know, we mustn't trust our feelings. Only emotionally unstable people walk by their feelings. We must be guided by our efforts and attention. The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence (Matthew 11:12). That is why tears are not the main criterion of your repentance and your participation in the Sacrament. Sometimes the evil powers push a person away from the Sacrament and you have to pull through. Sometimes you experience terrible and slanderous thoughts that you have to struggle with by going to Christ and searing the sin with his holy love.

Of course, books have it right but with God everything is completely different sometimes. Having spent some time in the Church, I can give you many examples where, contrary to logic and all human rules, the Lord acted, taught, and revealed something, and it was an act of the Spirit of God. He does not fit into our concepts where we all have to be sorry, be humble, be diligent and laborious, and prepare for the Holy Sacraments with awe. That's not to say that it's wrong. However, the Lord acts illogically sometimes, and we should not confine him to our understanding of piety.



Do un-baptized really have no chance to be saved?

There must always be a place for hope. Apostle Paul said that pagans would be judged according to their actions, that is, according to how they spent their lives and how much good they had done. There is a tradition in our Convent to pray to Holy Martyr Warus who is traditionally credited with a gift to pray for the un-baptized. You can send us your prayer request and we will pray for your un-baptized relative at a moleben.


What do I do if my husband wants to divorce me?

I think you shouldn't jump the gun and reach conclusions prematurely. Instead, you should fight for your relationship. You should talk with your husband and ask him what makes him want the divorce. If you have a sincere and open dialogue, you might be able to make amends. You mustn't let fortune-tellers run your life. Believers don't go to fortune-tellers; they know that the Lord will eventually reveal everything they need. Of course, it isn't easy to accept a person with all his flaws and sins. This is what the Church is for. This is why we perform weddings in church. Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ (cf. Galatians 6: 2).

Sure, you can strike up a marriage with someone else, again and again, but will it be better for you? Perhaps, it would be better if you try to build your relationship with your first husband in such a way that it would be strong enough. Wouldn't it be great if you fought and found out the beauty in one another? Just try.

Archpriest Andrew Lemeshonok answers the questions of the readers of obitel-minsk.by website.

December 14, 2017

5 месяцев назад
Dear Beloved Father, I'm writing from Spain. I'm Orthodox. I would like to ask You some things. I have my own confessor, but also I'm reading and searching " a word" directly from a priest with experience. My questions are: - if a practicant person has the heart stoned even this one is going every week to the church, use to confess every week and to take every week the Communion and even like this in his inner doesn't feel anything. It's doing the prayers and has a practicant life, thinking everytime on the Jesus. Where should be the problem? Neither the spiritual father could find the problem... but the heart is without feel anything, any joice or pain. I would like to find the equilibry and to teach how to listen the voice of God which is talking with us in our inner... Even if I do an "effort" for praying with the prayer rope like a determinate time or to do postration... my body is so frozen, stoned that whatever is passing I couldn't feel the body and the heart. - if somebody wants to go to the Monastery, but also is fightening, because is thinking on the family( like another posibility) how to discern the true? The spiritual father doesn't want to say his point of view due the liberty of the person. - I think that nowadays, besides the people who live in Occident, is very dificult to be a good orthodox practicant, because the enviroment is so diferent like our one where all the country is Orthodox, how we could not fall in deception? Because I feel nowadays people left from the Church and personally I don't have many examples of " faithful" to look to somebody for the examples. - And lastly: about the confession. When somebody is going to confession periodly how to not transformate it in something" mecanical". I would want to ask for firgivness, because my English is not the best and also I would like to ask You to be passed to the prayers, because I need that people prays for me, because I want to discover the will of God with me. A young girl of 22, E.

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