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Exciting Classes in Ikhvis School: Calculus Made Simple and English Made Yummy

Elizabeth and Basilius Vingord came to us from Sweden to hold an English language week together with English teachers of Ikhvis School from May 13 to May 17.


Many years have passed since Belarus was freed from fascism. But we hold close the memory of those who did not live to see the Victory…

Bishop Ignatius Performed Tonsures in Our Convent

Five novices (Ksenia Denisenko, Julia Baran, Photinia Gornostayeva, Anna Evdokimova and Tatiana Pytkina) were tonsured into Rassophore and left with their previous names.

What Did God Come into the World For?

Archpriest Eugene Pavelchuk

It turns out that human will became shackled. It became dependent and enslaved by passions. What is a passion? It is a sin at its chronic stage, a disease of the soul.

How Should a Disabled Person Fast?

Rich Israelites had a lot of money and they threw large sums into the Temple donation box, while the poor widow only had two small coins.

Is It Better to Pray Aloud or in My Head?

It isn’t always easy to pray in your head sometimes. When we say prayers out loud, we hear them and can pay more attention to the words that we read.

“This Is a Very Special Season for Your Soul”

The Great Lent is near. One always feels anxious approaching this point because it isn’t easy. It isn’t easy not just because you have to give up something but also because it is a very special season for your soul.

It’s Never Too Late

Nun Maria (Yegereva)

This story happened to my father, Eugene Ivanovich, in July 2014. My dad is 82. He grew up in a village and he is fond of nature and long walks in the woods.

The Light of God’s Love

When I first visited Father Nicholas on Zalita Island, he was celebrating a liturgy. The elder came out of the altar to give communion to the parishioners. While giving communion to children, his face changed.

Human Fates: Nun Vera (Gordienko), Part Two

“It was extremely difficult for me to adapt to life in the Convent in all its aspects at first,” Nun Vera continues. “It’s like a meat-grinder physically, psychologically, morally, and spiritually. It was total thrash.