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My Cenacle of Love. Remembering the Beginning.

‘My Convent this’... ‘Our Convent that’… I hear people using possessive case with the word all the time. Indeed, the past 20 years have made St Elisabeth Convent close to many hearts.

Founding the Convent 20 years ago.

Archive footage from August 22nd, 1999. St Elisabeth Convent Foundation day. Father Andrey Lemeshonok receives the Archpriest's blessing to start the Convent in the name of St Elisabeth the New Martyr.

Generosity is the only attire that never wanes

The truth of this statement was experienced by the men and women residing on the premises of the Saint Elizabeth Convent.

«Why should I be forcing myself?». Archpriest Andrey Lemeshonok

Every week the spiritual Father of our Convent holds meetings with parishioners to talk about God, faith, the meaning of life and many other important things. These talks are now available with English subtitles.

Love that we share will be returned to us.

Steven Lacey is special in many ways. An Orthodox Englishman, a good friend, a man blessed by many virtues and a frequent guest here, at St Elisabeth Convent, Steven lives near Southampton, a place by the seaside just outside of London.

"We Found Answers to Our Questions in the Orthodox Church"

Elizabeth Wingård, a Lutheran deaconess who converted to Orthodoxy a couple of years ago: "Lutherans talk about traditions as things of the past, which have no bearing on today. I used to think differently about it, too."

Exciting Classes in Ikhvis School: Calculus Made Simple and English Made Yummy

Elizabeth and Basilius Vingord came to us from Sweden to hold an English language week together with English teachers of Ikhvis School from May 13 to May 17.


Many years have passed since Belarus was freed from fascism. But we hold close the memory of those who did not live to see the Victory…

Bishop Ignatius Performed Tonsures in Our Convent

Five novices (Ksenia Denisenko, Julia Baran, Photinia Gornostayeva, Anna Evdokimova and Tatiana Pytkina) were tonsured into Rassophore and left with their previous names.

What Did God Come into the World For?

Archpriest Eugene Pavelchuk

It turns out that human will became shackled. It became dependent and enslaved by passions. What is a passion? It is a sin at its chronic stage, a disease of the soul.