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Can I Cut a Person Off If the Interaction with Them Is Not Good for Me?

Thank God that you pray for your friend and that you are not angry. When a person starts talking and demanding attention, and when it is unhelpful for you, your soul begins to feel pain, and you may get annoyed and have bad feelings.

How Do I Find a Spiritual Father?

A spiritual father is not a needle to be looked for, it is up to God to reveal him. You have to feel confidence in that priest. I believe that all of those people who are seeking and asking God to give them such an opportunity get it.

Unconditional Love

Daria Goncharova

Things can be different. When you see a person for the first time, you hug him, notice the sincerity in his eyes, and feel that he has taken away your heart. And it's fine that he took it.

Nun Maria (Yakovleva): 'The beginning was the best time of all.'

As time passes, we tend to forget the way things were in the beginning. To preserve the unique memories of the Sisters who were the first to join the Convent, we asked them how it felt 20 years ago.

New Concerts of the Monastic Choir in Great Britain

The Monastic Сhoir of St Elisabeth Convent (Minsk, Belarus) will be touring Great Britain between September 28th and October 4th with a series of charitable concerts.

How is Meditation Different from Prayer?

There are popular videos on YouTube propagating "special mindfulness methods", which you need to listen to for several days in a row, twice a day. If you do so, they promise that you can get something you want...

How Do You Live With An Ill-Tempered Person?

My grandmother has a difficult and tough temper, plus her old age has made her more difficult to deal with. I have a lot of grudges against her. What can I do about it? I can't forgive her or apologize!

What Is the Point in Confessing the Same Sins?

My problem is that I am ashamed to go to church. I used to go to church often but my sins are the same all the time: I'm short-tempered and I dislike people. What's the point of going to the same place and enumerating the same sins?

Choir Vacation in Sweden

They are always happy when our sisters arrive. That was why they took care of all the hassle of organizing the concert and covered the sisters' travel expenses.

Why Is It Important to Wear a Cross?

We have a centuries-long tradition of wearing a cross. We may not be able to understand it fully because we are forgetful and not invested in spiritual matters.