1. Card Number is a long string of digits on your card’s face. This picture shows where you can find this number on your card.

  1. Cardholder Name is your name written exactly as specified on your card. This picture shows where you can find the Cardholder Name on your card.

  1. Valid Thru indicates the month and the year after which your card will expire.

  1. CVC/CVC2 is a control number of your card, which consists of three digits and is printed on the reverse side of your card. This number is usually located in the upper right corner of the special place for your signature. Here is where you can find this code on your card.

  1. Email Address: Please submit your email address in this field.

  1. You can be redirected to your bank’s secure page to enter a confirmation code that is required by 3D Secure.

  1. You will then see the page of payment completion. Click Back to Website or Print Receipt if you want to print the receipt.

  1. You will receive a confirmation of successful payment via email.

  2. If your payment fails to go through, you will see an error on the completion page.


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