This payment system allows you to pay using your VISA or MasterCard.

To make a payment, you must:

  1. Fill in a form on our website.
    Your phone number and email account are required for us to be able to contact you if issues arise.
  2. Specify the amount you wish to donate.
  3. Specify the payment purpose.
  4. Click Continue to proceed to a secure page.

Step-by-Step Instructions on Payments with a Credit Card >>
Last Name
Patronymic (if any)
Enter the amount you would like to donate or choose a pre-set amount (BYN)
Phone Number
I've read and accepted the terms

If problems occur, you can call us +375 29 690 49 88 or send us an email (;


When paying with a credit card, the money returns to the same card with which you made the payment.


Your data is transmitted via a designated channel using modern advanced encryption methods, which make interception of confidential information highly unlikely. Your data is encrypted and stored only on a specialised WEBPAY™ server.;.

Please store the receipts (payment confirmations you receive on our website) after making a payment with a credit card in order to cross-reference them against your credit card account statement if disputes arise.