Festive Choir

of St Elisabeth Convent

The Festive Choir of St Elisabeth Convent has long been popular with the lovers of church music. The parishioners of Ss Peter and Paul Cathedral in Minsk enjoyed its singing for a decade. However, Irina Denisova, the precentor of this choir, decided to pledge herself to the Lord in November 2007, so she became a novice, and then a nun, in St Elisabeth Convent. Soon the singers of this choir who did not want to bid farewell to their leader, followed her in order to participate in worship in St Elisabeth Convent on Sundays and feasts.

All members of this choir are musicians: choir directors, musicologists, composers, performers. Among them there are candidates of art studies, laureates and award winners of international competitions, directors and soloists of choirs in the capital city.

The repertoire of the choir has undergone significant changes during its monastery period. These changes included reduced use of author music and an emphasis on new harmonisations of znamenny and Byzantine chants. The major part of this new repertoire is represented by chants harmonised by Nun Juliania (Denisova), the precentor of the Festive Choir. The main aim for the choir has always been to make church worship beautiful and awe-inspiring.

St Elisabeth Convent released several discs with this choir, as well as The Nun – a documentary about Nun Juliania (Denisova), its precentor.

The Monastic Choir

of St Elisabeth Convent

This choir grew out of an amateur choir of the sisters of mercy who visited the patients of the National Psychiatric Hospital in Novinki. When St Elisabeth Convent was officially established in 1999, many of the choir members became nuns. That was how the monastic choir formed in the Convent. Currently, there are as many as 20-25 members of this choir, who sing during feasts. The Choir usually uses znamenny and Byzantine chants, Valamo chant, and adds Byzantine and Greek chants on feasts, alongside Old Bulgarian, Macedonian, and Georgian chants.

Male Choir

of St Elisabeth Convent

The Male Choir of St Elisabeth Convent was founded in 2001. It consisted of several Christian men who worked in the Convent. The choir was growing in numbers: new people started coming, and currently there are only new members. The repertoire of the Male Choir is based on ancient two-part chants, such

as znamenny, Valamo, Byzantine, etc. The Choir sings in the chapel of the Boarding Home for Elderly and Less Able No.3 every Friday, and in other churches of St Elisabeth Convent every Sunday.