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It’s “Our” God, Not “Mine”

Priest Sergius Nezhbort

A person must have this experience that my God is also your God, and your sin, regardless of how abominable I find it, is my own sin in a certain sense. I can’t push you away and say, “You’re bad, go away.”

May I Imagine Anything During Prayer?

We know that we stand before God, in the presence of Him who can see through us. We do our best to focus on the words that we utter while praying.

Theology in Colour. Icon Painters of St Elisabeth Convent Taught a Workshop Session in Great Britain

Icon painters from St Elisabeth Convent shared the secrets of their art with Britons. The workshop session on icon painting was held on April 24-26 in Preston, England, as part of From Heart To Heart Festival.

Three Questions and Answers with Father Andrew

Archpriest Andrew Lemeshonok: When you see a person filled with love, you don’t just rejoice but also see how love acts, or to be precise, how Christ acts through that person and saves the world.

Fathers Say

Archpriest Sergius Khrapitsky: We always need to fast in order to throw away the dead weight that we don’t need and to get rid of it physically.

Three Questions and Answers with Father Andrew

The Lord may grant comfort and joy one time and you may have to withstand a spiritual battle the other time and feel depressed. The medicine works anyway, and you should not go by your emotions because it may be a trial sent by God.

Three Questions and Answers with Father Andrew Lemeshonok: The Pascha of Christ

The Lord knows one’s heart and He knows what each person needs most. There can be an unexpected joy when someone did not do anything special to receive it, and he is surprised: what was the reason for it?

Three Questions and Answers with Father Andrew: The Holy Week

The prototypes of the sacrifice at the Calvary in the Old Testament Church were lambs and doves, killed on the altar. The Lord took the guilt of the entire humankind and nailed the sins of the entire world to the Cross.

One of Us: Novice Helena (Yudina). Part One

What can make a pretty and successful girl at the peak of her career and health leave everything behind and take the veil? Novice Helena (Yudina) told a reporter of our website about her journey to St Elisabeth Convent.

Three Questions & Answers with an Orthodox Priest: The Great Lent

The Cross is love that enables us to live and learn to love one another. It is the lighthouse that helps us to find our way in the sea of earthly troubles.