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Why Are Some Children Born Ill?

Dear Father Andrew, your blessing. I am a mother of two. My younger son is 7 and he is autistic

15 Quotations by Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk

You mustn’t live idly. Instead, do the labour blessed by God. Idleness is the cause of all evil.

The Choir Was Teaching Me…

I came to the Convent with a great but probably naïve desire to turn from a boss into a subordinate and obey someone at last.

Are We to Blame for Our Relatives’ Problems?

Dear Father Andrew, I would like to hear the answer from our Lord through you.

How To Deal With an Alcoholic Relative

There is a spiritual component of my answer to your question. You have to pray for your son and go to church and take communion as often as possible.

Tips on Growing Love

“How can I begin to love Christ?” a spiritual daughter asked her spiritual father. The priest replied, “We love Christ too little because we spend little time thinking about him.

“Hush, God Is Coming!”

Nun Nymphodora (Karpovich)

Folk wisdom has it that children are never shy of telling the truth. It happens that the Lord reveals something hidden, which we cannot see, through the meek and gentle children.

On Humility

Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh used to say that we must be very cautious when talking about humility, for it is an attribute of the saints.

Saint John the Warrior and Good Films

There is little information about Holy Martyr John the Warrior. He was an officer in the army of Emperor Julian the Apostate sent to persecute and kill Christians. Instead, he helped them.

The Beauty of Church Life

Xenia Vesnova

The contemporary world in its attempts to make everything simpler stumbles at the steps of Orthodox churches.