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15 Quotations by Saint Ambrose of Optina

You should always be meek with everybody. You shouldn’t annoy anyone or be envious. You shouldn’t satisfy the lust of flesh that seduces one with gluttony and then leads to other passions.

Listening Is One Thing: You’ve Got to Think and Feel

We enjoyed heartfelt singing by choirs from various countries. It was on that day that the 18th Royal Voice International Festival of Orthodox Church Music was held.

A Cycle of Goodness

Maria Kotova

The Holy Righteous John of Kronstadt founded the House of Love of Labour—a social structure that was ahead of its time.

What If Doctors Say We Can’t Have Children?

Father Andrew, please tell us what to do. We’re married for more than two years now, and we had a church wedding.

A Special Garden for Special Kids

This project was made possible thanks to School Piggy Bank programme of the Mother of God of the Sign Cathedral in New York run by Prince Vladimir Youth Association together with the Synodal Youth Ministry Department of the ROCOR.

Is an Orthodox Christian Allowed to Do Yoga?

Dear Father Andrew, please help me to figure out which position to take with regard to yoga as a physical practice.

15 Quotations of Saint Macarius of Optina

Faith is the foundation of all goodness you need both in this life and to secure a good fate in the future everlasting eternity.

The Unburnt Bush Icon of the Mother of God

The Unburnt Bush is one of the most vivid biblical images. It has inspired many artists and writers. However, the icon of the Mother of God the Unburnt Bush is truly the most meaningful and all-encompassing image.

How To Save My Child?

Father Andrew, please tell me how to save my child. My daughter is 11. She’s lost interest in God and doesn’t want to go to church.

Children’s Confession and Fasting Before Communion

Most of us are familiar with the main principle of parenting: leading with your personal example. What should you do if you are far from being a perfect Christian?